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You have likely seen a lot more stencil concrete driveways than you might even realise. Often when you admire what you think is a stone, cobble, brick or tile driveway, it is a concrete driveway that then uses a stencil effect on the surface to achieve an attractive design. It is a similar thing to stamped concrete but uses a stencilled pattern over the top rather than a mat or rubber stamp to create the look. It is also used on patios, pathways and around pools. When you are looking for a durable but still attractive driveway, we can offer you a range of options for a stencilled effect. Our experts have years of experience between them.


More about stencilled concrete

As with a stamped concrete driveway, we will skilfully first create the area and pour the concrete. Then our experts take your chosen stencil and lay the pattern over it to create the pattern or specific look you are looking for. Depending on the time the pattern takes and stencil selected you will be charged accordingly. A stencilled concrete driveway then gets sprayed or spread across the surface and when the stencil is taken off you have the pattern left behind. When done by professionals we can ensure there is a texture and depth to the pattern to create the look you want. This means it can look like natural stone, bricks, slate tiles and so on. You can also create almost any pattern or design.

Different concrete stencil driveway looks

The great thing about this method of creating an attractive driveway is that you can imitate the look of another driveway option that would cost more. Creating concrete stencilled stone or cobbles is a lot more affordable than getting actual stone or cobbles. You can use the same method for pathways, patios, poolside and more. Get a sophisticated look that you can afford that comes with the practical aspect of concrete driveways that people appreciate such as durability and affordability. Sometimes people are put off by concrete thinking it dull. But today you have more options with colours, stamps and stencils.

How much does a stencil concrete driveway cost?

When you are looking at the options of a stencilled driveway and you are looking at costs there are a number of factors that affect our quote. Location of the driveway and access, size, whether old concrete needs removing, the stencil chosen, colours used and so on. On average you would see a charge of $45 to $65/m2. An average-sized stencil concrete driveway in Adelaide costs between $3000 to $5000.

When stencilling is for a concrete surface that is older then we will have to first make repairs to the surface. If there are any sections that are in really bad shape we will need to replace them. The more complex the design is for the stencilling the more it costs to do as it takes longer and is more labour intensive. The more colours that it needs, the more we charge too for a stencil concrete driveway Adelaide.

Why do we stand out when you need a concrete stencilling expert

When you are looking to have a stencil concrete driveway done to high standards it makes sense to come to us. As an Adelaide concrete driveway company, we have years of experience and we are fully committed to your happiness throughout the process. When you want a driveway that is durable, attractive, low maintenance and the envy of your neighbours we have you covered! There are a few things you look for in an expert driveway layer, competitive pricing, experience, skill, happy customers. We have them all!

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A stencilled concrete driveway is one of the most attractive and practical options when you are looking at driveway options. We are happy to talk to you about the options you have, show you examples of stencil driveways we have done before and can give you any other information you might need to make the best choice for your needs. Take a look at our site to check what other services we offer.