Five Driveway Ideas For Homeowners

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For many homeowners when they are considering practical and architectural aspects of their home, the drive is not always the first thing they consider. But when you and other people come to your home often the driveway is one of the first things they see of your home. You want a driveway that looks great, is practical for where you live, creates a unity between the outside and your home and is something you are proud of. Here are five driveway design ideas to consider as you choose materials you want your drive made from. Those materials impact not just its appearance but its durability, how much maintenance it will need and cost.

1. Bluestone driveway

This is a type of sandstone that is one of the popular driveway ideas because it really creates attractive driveways that are appealing because of their elegance. You can get bluestone in different sizes and shapes to create different looks as it can be cut into more complex tiles, kept in slabs or crushed into attractive gravel. It is a durable material you can shape into almost any design you want. Its colour is a deep blue initially but over time with sun exposure that colour will fade into something lighter and then more grey-like. You can use other materials with it for example you could choose to have an aggregate driveway but then edge the drive with bluestone slabs.

2. Exposed aggregate driveway

When you are looking for concrete driveway ideas one option is to go for an exposed aggregate concrete driveway which is where they use concrete but take off the top layer to show shells, pebbles, sand or stone close to the surface so you can enjoy the colours and textures. The surface is still fixed and smooth. It is a nice contrast with your drive and your other paving materials and adds some visual interest where driveways are often not that interesting. You can get different mixes to achieve different textures, colours and combinations. It is skid-resistant and creates a durable drive.

3. Timber sleeper driveway

If you are looking for something eco-friendly and different you might choose to use timber sleepers embedded into mulch, soil and concrete pads along with gravel. They give a casual rustic look and you can use recycled sleepers or new ones. It is a great way to have texture and colour, water drains off very well and there is no maintenance required. When you want something cost-effective and aesthetically attractive that is also sustainable this is a great option. Especially suitable when a home is in a more rural location.

4. Concrete driveways

A very versatile option is to focus on concrete driveway designs as it has a very long lifespan and takes very little maintenance. It suits a variety of homes and locations and is a great way to create contrast from the smooth driveway to textured options around it. Concrete is strong if you need something to handle several vehicles, or larger vehicles, it is versatile in the look you can achieve with it and you can get it in a variety of colours now. In some cases, it can crack over time but it is better in hot Australian summers than the cheaper asphalt. Concrete itself is quite affordable. Concrete driveways can come in different styles like coloured concrete driveway, stamped concrete driveway or stencilled concrete driveway.

5. Clay brick driveway

Finally on our list of five driveway design ideas is clay brick. Clay has been a material used for surfacing for hundreds of years and it remains a popular option still. Bricks are set into mortar or sand in the driveway and you can have them placed in various patterns and combinations. You can get different colours and textures as well. You can achieve a driveway that is very visually attractive with your choice of pattern, but bricks are less strong than other options and are prone to cracking, chipping or breaking. You also need to spend more time maintaining them and they need cleaning once or twice a year. Clay is another eco-friendly option for your driveway.


When you are considering your options with your driveway remember there is more on offer than asphalt or concrete. If you are unsure about costs, lifespan and suitability talk to several professional services and see what they recommend and get some quotes so you can compare.

Looking to revamp your driveway with these driveway ideas? Then talk to one of our concrete driveway experts and see the options you can have!

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