exposed aggregate concrete driveway

If you are wanting to put in an exposed aggregate driveway in Adelaide then you should give us a call. We are expert concreters ready to install all kinds of concrete driveways including exposed aggregate. Our professionals promise a great finish and to leave you with a driveway that looks amazing, can handle the right weight and is easy to look after. We are licensed and qualified and we use high-quality materials every time.


What is an exposed aggregate concrete driveway?

An exposed aggregate concrete driveway Adelaide uses different sizes of aggregate such as stones, gravel or other crushed materials like glass or shell. It is added to the mix of the concrete and then a layer is taken off the top to reveal the aggregate, or they are laid on the concrete’s surface when it is ready at the end. You can get a great-looking driveway this way, with texture as well, along with the durability and affordability of concrete. You get a more unique look rather than something patterned or stamped and you can create a more natural look with the choice of aggregate used.

If you want something interesting for your driveway other than just grey but do not want to go towards the coloured concrete driveway options then this is great. We can give you a driveway that looks attractive and also has more traction because of that texture. This makes it not just great as a driveway surface but also for poolside, paths and so on. In addition, our driveways are stable, durable, watertight and can handle hot Australian summers.

We are leaders in exposed aggregate concrete

We are leaders in concrete driveways including creating a highly finished exposed aggregate concrete driveway for every client. It has been popular for many years when people wanted an alternative to just grey and remains popular today. We offer a range of appearance options, colours and styles. With our skilled and professional concreters, we can meet all your needs. We are excited to hear from you!

Basic steps that are involved in the driveway process

The following is an idea of what the process looks like when our licensed and qualified experts arrive to install your exposed aggregate concrete driveway.

  1. We will come and clear the surface, peg and level it. The formwork goes in next and then we put in a gravel or sand base with reinforcement with steel mesh if it is needed.
  2. We then pour the concrete and spread it evenly and smooth it.
  3. Now it needs to be left until it is almost firm. When that happens we brush or wash the surface away using a high-pressure blaster to expose the aggregate.
  4. Now we leave to give your concrete time to cure completely.
  5. Finally, we come and seal the concrete as this helps prevent stains and protects the concrete.

How much does an exposed aggregate concrete driveway cost?

Factors that impact the exposed aggregate concrete driveway cost include:

  • How easy the driveway is to access for us
  • The strength of the concrete we need to use
  • Whether there is any kind of a slope or not
  • If there are other issues that need dealing with like drainage or whether other areas need to be integrated like pathways
  • Whether there is a lot of levelling or excavation is needed
  • How big the driveway is
  • What type of concrete you want to use or what concrete we recommend

This kind of driveway is more expensive than just a plain concrete driveway because of the materials involved and because of the extra labour that is required.

Get in touch!

If you are looking at getting an exposed aggregate driveway and you need people you can trust, with experience and expertise then give us a call! We can talk to you about your options, what the costs involved are, and answer all your questions. We can give you a no-obligation quote.