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Are you looking to install a new driveway? Have you considered a stamped concrete driveway? In Australia with our hot days in the summer it is important to choose a material that can handle the heat. Concrete is a great option and is also a very affordable choice. We offer expert professionals in creating concrete driveways of various types including stamped. The stamped aspect is essentially the pattern and design on the surface to make your driveway look more interesting. Here is a closer look at what stamped concrete is, what to consider, costs and why we are the best professionals in Adelaide.


What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is just a regular concrete driveway but then uses stamps to create attractive designs on the surface to make it look more appealing. You can use it on coloured concrete as well as textured and can create the look for something like brick or tile, more expensive materials, without having to pay for them! The great thing about our stamped concrete is that it is still just as low maintenance and durable and we offer a range of stamped patterns. The stamp comes from a rubber mould to make sure we get the perfect imprint you are looking for.

Creating the stamped concrete driveway Adelaide

The process is not a complicated one. We pour the cement into a minimum of 10 cm thick. We add the colour of your choice and spread it over the cement while it is still wet. Then we put over that a releasing agent. This is just so that when we apply the stamp (or a texturizing mat) it does not stick to the cement. Then we apply the stamp or mat over the span of the work area section by section to achieve the pattern. This then all needs to rest for at least 24 hours and we give it a pressure wash. The wash is needed to rinse off the release agent. Now we add the sealing agent chosen and the stamped concrete driveway is finished. Just leave it for the time we advise to let it dry.

How much does a stamped concrete driveway cost?

Factors that affect the cost include the condition of the location, how thick you want the concrete, the size of the area and your choice in the finish, materials and patterns. A stamped concrete costs more than plain concrete because of the additional materials and time taken. But you get the durability and low maintenance of concrete with an attractive design! Get in touch for an accurate quote for your specific needs.

Stamped concrete designs

Whatever style of property you have, a stamped concrete driveway, Adelaide will love could be your best option. There is a range of different designs or patterns that we can offer and they vary in price depending on their complexity. Some popular ones include;

  • Brick looking driveway
  • Ashlar slate
  • A wood effect
  • Different sized cobblestones
  • A combination of brick and slate
  • The look and texture of pebble stones
  • A border for the driveway
  • European fan
  • Rough stone effect
  • Sanded slate
  • Flagstone

Talk to our Adelaide concrete driveway experts about seeing our pattern samples or mockups so you can not just see what it looks like but feel it too. You can also talk to us about creating a specialty pattern and designing custom concrete stamps for something completely unique. Have a concrete drive that stands out from your neighbours, adds value to your property and makes you proud to see each time you come home.

Contact us now!

If you are looking at concrete driveways as your favoured option we offer professionals with years of experience committed to offering our clients the best experience during the whole process. We have some great patterns for a stamped concrete driveway. Give us a call to talk about what you need and what your budget is and we can get started on giving you the driveway you have been dreaming of!