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Concrete driveways if constructed properly, can add significant value to your home, look great and be the envy of your neighbours. If you are thinking about reviving or landscaping, concrete driveways are the perfect solution to give your home a fresh new modern look.

Concrete Driveways Adelaide are the driveway concreting experts specialising in all types of concrete driveway finishes including stamped concrete, stencil concrete, decorative concrete and exposed aggregate. We also do concreting for pathways, entrances, carports and patios.

Concrete Driveways Adelaide’s range of concrete driveways come in a variety of design options, colour combinations and finishes. Concrete driveways in Adelaide are becoming a popular landscaping and design option, more people prefer to install and lay a concrete driveway to ease the ongoing maintenance required with other types of driveways. A beautifully installed concrete driveway will also add great value to your home should you wish to sell one day.

Concrete Driveway Construction Process

1. Excavation & Subgrade Preparation

The subgrade is excavated and prepared to ensure a uniform and compact surface. This helps to provide the required support for the loads on the driveway from vehicles and helps prevent cracks in slabs.

2. Formwork and reinforcement

For the best structural capacity of the driveway, reinforced concrete slabs are used. Rebar (wire mesh) is placed along with formwork in preparation for pouring the slab. Blocks are placed under the rebar to hold it at the right height within the concrete.

3. Quality Concrete

Concrete Driveways Adelaide uses only quality ready-mix concrete for the construction of concrete driveways. Random cracking problems are avoided by the use of the correct concrete mix. The minimum thickness recommended for a concrete driveway is 100mm. A 25mm increase improves the structural capacity by 50% for heavier loads.

4. Concrete Driveway Finishing

The poured concrete is levelled by experienced concreters with a screed and then given a smooth finish with hand floating tools. Depending on the type of finish other methods may be used to expose aggregate or add colour. After some curing time control joints are cut into the concrete to avoid issues with random cracks.

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